After unrolling the Phytorich concept in Japan, Takii is now ready to introduce Phytorich to a broader audience, starting with Europe.

We are on the lookout for like-minded partners that see the opportunities for health improvement with Phytorich, the exclusive and exciting range of added value vegetables.

Together with growers and selective partners further down the chain, we develop ideas for segmented end-consumers and initiate small scale concepts in the food retail-, hospitality- and health care sector in Europe.

Food retail
In recent years we have seen that amongst conscious consumers healthy food, as part of a healthy lifestyle, is on the rise. Many food retailers have successfully adapted to this movement with their assortment and additional service-platforms. A competitive market asks for distinctiveness. The Phytorich 'functional food' concept offers uniqueness and meets consumer needs.
The move to more vegetable-based dishes and healthier alternatives continues as people more become more health-conscious. Hospitality businesses grasp this opportunity to put the power of fresh vegetables back on the table. The Phytorich concept offers an exciting range of premium vegetables with a distinctive phyto-nutritional profile without compromising on quality and taste.
Health Care
Consuming the recommended quantity of vegetables can be challenging for children, elderly and patients. In that case, the quality of vegetables plays a vital role. Phytorich stands for tasty, high-quality vegetables, every single one packed with phytonutrients. The exceeding levels of phytonutrients work as powerful health protection and have tremendous prevention potential.
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