Phytonutrients are natural components produced by plants. These compounds are part of a smart inbuilt defence system protecting the plant from elements such as insects and diseases that are blocking healthy growth.

The protective qualities of phytonutrients in plants can be as beneficial to human health. Consuming phytonutrients not only can have a positive impact on mind and body but is also associated with reduced risk of various chronic diseases and types of cancers. Fresh vegetables are amongst the best natural sources of phytonutrients.

Phytorich functional vegetables have a distinctive phyto-nutritional profile without compromising on quality and taste. Exceeding levels of phytonutrients work as powerful health protection and have tremendous prevention potential. With Phytorich, we put the power of vegetables back on the table!

The phytonutrients empowering our vegetables are;

(Cis)-Lycopene's powerful antioxidant properties help your body to fight free radicals, smallchemical elements that can damage your cells, causing ageing and illness. Phytorich tomatoes and Chinese cabbage are the best sources of Lycopene.
Your body converts Carotene into vitamin A, an essential vitamin that takes care of your skin, mucous membranes, immune system, and vision. Phytorich carrot, tomato and pepper are excellent sources of Carotene.
Quercetin functions as an antioxidant helping your body to neutralise unstable molecules that may cause damage to your cells that link to chronic conditions. Phytorich onions bring you Quercetin.
Lutein protects your body from stressors that are after your proteins, fats and DNA. Lutein also plays a vital role in protecting your eyes from free radicals. Phytorich squash, collard and spinach are key sources of Lutein.
Anthocyanin has antioxidant properties that help you with various health issues including; inflammation, vision disorder and high blood pressure. Phytorich mizuna is packed with Anthocyanin.
Sulforaphane is a potent phytonutrient. Consumption of high levels Sulforaphane is associated with the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases. Phytorich cabbage is rich in Sulforaphane.
GABA works as an important neurotransmitter in your brain. By slowing down overexcited neurons or nerve cells, a natural calming effect in the body occurs. Phytorich tomato and cabbage contain GABA.
Pectin performs as fibre and aids many forms of digestion problems. Phytorich okra is full of pectin.
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