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Gochiso PR-7

Gochiso PR-7 contains twice as much Lycopene as regular tomatoes.  The significant Lycopene content helps the body to fight free radicals: small chemical elements that can damage cells, causing ageing and illness. The richness of Lycopene goes hand in hand with a very high level of glutamic acid, a compound that triggers the characteristic "Umami" taste of Gochiso PR-7.

The Gochiso PR-7 tomato is backed-up by a clinical trial* conducted by the Hokkaido Information University in Japan. The outcome proved that Gochiso PR-7, very rich in Lycopene, benefits cardiovascular health by lowering the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood. As a result of the trial, the Gochiso PR-7 tomato is allowed to claim a health function in Japan, making it the only science-based in the world.

70 - 80 mg each
Deep red
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*Effect of 12-Week Daily Intake of the High-Lycopene Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum), A Variety Named "PR-7" (Gochiso), on Lipid Metabolism: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo- Controlled, Parallel-Group Study. In this study, the intake of high-lycopene semi-dried tomato, PR-7, reduced LDL-C and was confirmed to be safe at a dosage of 200 g/day (as raw tomato). Tomato is an important component of the diet worldwide, and our findings support the health benefits, especially with respect to lipid metabolism, of consuming tomatoes rich in Lycopene.**Phytorich Goshiso PR-7 tomatoes are trialled in the Netherlands. The Japan Food Research Laboratories have measured these harvested tomatoes.