Bred by nature

We, Takii, are the group of pioneering people behind Phytorich. We are one of the world's leading breeders of vegetables and flowers. Driven by our corporate philosophy, embodied in our slogan: "Creating tomorrow today", we are committed to create, produce and supply high-value varieties. Under the "Takii Seed" brand, we distribute seeds to professional growers all over the world.

Until this day, our strength lies within our experience and authenticity. What we create now is built on a foundation of a remarkably wide range of varieties, techniques and knowledge we have accumulated over the past 184 years. The purpose of our company never changed; enriching people's lives with beautiful flowers and healthy food!

At Takii, we exclude genetic engineering from our breeding techniques at all times. We entirely rely on the natural power of plants.

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Phytorich in Japan
The introduction of Phytorich in Japan 25 years ago has a successful continuation so far. Several collaborations have led to Phytorich becoming a matured brand recognised and preferred on a consumer level. 
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